Take out loan insurance when you have epilepsy

Take out loan insurance when you have epilepsy

Are you preparing to take out a loan to finance a project (housing, work) but you have epilepsy?

A health problem such as epilepsy can significantly slow you down in your lending process.

For insurers, epilepsy is one of the “aggravated health risks”. Aggravated health risk is when a borrower represents more risk to cover than the average insured person because of illness.

Apply for Epileptic Loan Insurance

The Insurance-Loan-Not-Expensive broker has the solution in case of risk of epilepsy

The team of the brokerage insurance-loan-not-dear knows precisely what difficulties you may encounter on your journey to secure and obtain a long-term loan such as a mortgage: refusal insurance health risk health epilepsy, refusal ready immo with epilepsy, premiums too expensive insurance loan epilepsy and exclusion guarantee risk epilepsy.

Aware of this problem, Loan Insurance has made a simplification of research and approaches for people with an increased health risk such as epilepsy health risk. You can quickly access the cheapest and most successful epilepsy risk insurance on the market.

Get your mortgage in the best conditions with Loan Insurance-not-expensive

Your epilepsy should not block your ability to borrow to complete your real estate project. We push for you the limits of insurability with aggravated health risk by playing the competition between the largest insurers then negotiating with them the best rates and guarantees for your mortgage insurance.

Quote Loan insurance with epilepsy

Quote Loan insurance with epilepsy

Using the online loan insurance comparator, you will quickly compare the best insurance deals risk aggravated health epilepsy and can in one click receive all your insurance quotes pretense epilepsy.

  • Epilepsy loan insurance comparator
  • Pricing insurance with epilepsy
  • Quote insurance insurance epilepsy
  • Personalized study insurance pre-epilepsy
  • Epilepsy health questionnaire
  • Free reminder of a dedicated advisor

Make the choice of the delegation of insurance with Insurance-Loan-not-expensive!

You are free to take out the insurance of your choice. With the possibility of resorting to the insurance delegation (external insurance to the lender).

  • Benefit from the best epilepsy insurance contract on the market (insurance best price/guarantee ratio).
  • You will be well informed and advised on loan insurance.
  • Your epilepsy loan insurance delegation agreement will be accepted by the lender.


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