You want to subscribe a consumer credit (personal loan, work loan, auto purchase)? Ensure the financing of all your projects with a consumer loan insurance adapted to your situation.

Realize your application for insurance loan cheap conso online

Realize your application for insurance loan cheap conso online

It is important for a borrower wishing to subscribe a consumer loan to carry out his projects in the best conditions. Broker Fezziwig offers you to take advantage of a customized credit guarantee to cover all your loans, with a very advantageous rate. You will save a significant amount of money on the total cost of your loan conso compared to the insurance offered to you by the credit agency.

Compare Consumer Credit Insurance Offers Online

Simulate your consumer loan insurance online and receive the best quotes! In case of questions or if you need additional information, a counselor can call you back for free to advise you, inform you, guide you and help you in your search and choice of insurance for your credit.

You want to insure an amount of less than 50.000 € and do not present any health problem?
Enjoy the lowest rate of consumer loan insurance!

The principle of the consumer loan

The principle of the consumer loan

The consumer loan is a credit intended for individuals. It is granted to an individual by a bank or credit company up to a limit of 21,500 euros. It is generally requested by those who wish to acquire property (excluding real estate) and who do not have enough savings to buy it in cash. Thanks to the Conso credit, the amount and monthly payments of which are determined according to the debt capacity of the borrower, the borrower can thus acquire his property by staggering his repayments.

Is Consumer Credit Insurance optional or compulsory?

If it is optional for this type of loan, the subscription of consumer credit insurance is nevertheless strongly recommended. Indeed, no one is safe from an unforeseen that prevents a refund of credit. As a specialist in loan insurance, we are able to offer you the best loan offers for your personal loan.


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